Tulakes Elementary

School Year for Students Shortened by Two Days

Friday May, 20th is the last day of school.

Our mission is to provide a quality education through shared responsibility in a safe supportive environment for all students to meet the challenges of a global society.

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Mr. Roland

Dear Parent(s),

Here is just a little news you can use:

STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT – As we do many things here at Tulakes, our number one priority is the academic success of each and every student. We need your help. You can do so by :

1) Reading with your child(ren) nightly

2) Reviewing school work with them

3) helping with homework

4) Insisting on appropriate behavior

5) Calling or checking with their teachers routinely, and

6) Having high expectations for your child. Let them know you expect their best.

WEATHER – We urge you to please watch the weather report each evening as students will generally still have recess and possibly have to go outdoors for other reasons. We want our little Twisters to be comfortable.

SCHOOL RULES and SAFETY – We have had a few students to bring toys, particularly weapon replicas. Although they are obviously toys, this is strictly prohibited and will result in severe consequences to any violator. Please check your child’s bags as a measure of prevention and even consider if such toys are appropriate in the home.

UNIFORMS – We cannot overemphasize the positive impact that our uniform have had and continue to have on the climate of our school. Please make every effort to see that all of our children are in uniform daily. Remember too that they are to wear closed toes shoes.

I thank you in advance for your attention to all of these areas. Please feel free to call or to arrange a conference with Mrs. DeSouza, the assistant principal, or myself.

Lee Roland